Meddex: medical data exchange

What we do

Next generation medical data exchange platform

Meddex converts medical data from all diagnostic and information systems from health care institutions. Our next generation software platform is the solution for 100% automated exchange of any form of medical data. It is the safe, secure and efficient medical data exchange platform offering 360-degree access to patient data to all involved stakeholders like caregivers, patients and beyond.


Connect all Medical sources
The Meddex Platform is fed by the Meddex connector suite which unlocks all different medical applications and makes the data on demand available in any format.


Manageable and flexible data exchange
By using the Meddex Exchange platform you will be able to instantly provide for the constantly changing demand to support the medical process.


International standards
The Meddex Exchange platform uses the IHE XDS or Fhir standards within its own affinity domain. Any institution using the platform has also the flexibility to create their own affinity domain.


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