Meddex: medical data exchange


Enterprise medical data exchange platform

The Meddex exchange platform is a dedicated in cloud saas solution for any medical data exchange need. The platform uses pre configured connectors for extracting data from any source within the healthcare arena. 

Total control
Have total control by connecting medical data from existing silos (PACS, EHRs, etc.) to a complete overview of relevant medical data.

Easy reporting
The platform has standardized reporting tools for any type national health survey.


Mapping tools
Best in class mapping tools for alignment of equivalent datatypes from various vendor sources. 

Features and capabilities

Easy to use  
Responsive user interface features for easy use of different devices.

On demand or Batch retrieve
Any exchange of data by the connector later can be confituren in either on demand or Batch modus.

All solutions and software build by Meddex is 100% IHE-XDS compatible.

Role based Access 
Any user interface has a role based access modularity to guarantee consent control. The platform uses Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) to guarantee the legal obligations.

Atna server 
Atna logging and easy to use reporting tool to monitor all transacties within your own affinity domain.

Freedom of choice 
Your ICT staff has flexible choice of connecting different affinity domains as well as creating new exchanges based on specific BPPC’s.


Easy to configurate
New exchange requests are easliy configurated by your own ICT staff.

'Providing role based access to your medical data.' 

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