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About us

We launched this business from the belief that effective data exchange will translate into important efficiencies for managing, coordinating and transitioning healthcare services. At Meddex we are convinced that a good availability of patient data for all healthcare providers and patients contributes to high quality care for all, now and for future generations. In order to achieve this, co-operation is needed. Caregivers should within the limits of the legislative framework on security and privacy put patient data available to each other. It is important that these patient data are up to date and complete. It is also important that these data are accessible, regardless of the information system in which they are stored.

Technology must be a help, not an obstacle to availability of patient data. As a result of this empowered patients will be provided with the best care there is. Costs of care will be reduced, caregivers will be enabled to provide better care and the work pressure for caregivers will be reduced. 

Meet our Management Team

Our professional and experienced management team consists of a CEO and a CCO.

Robbert Ledeboer, CEO
Robbert was appointed CEO in 2011. Under his leadership Meddex found the path to growth. He held various positions in ICT, both as CEO and CCO. Robbert holds a Master’s in Business Economics.

Martijn Bakkers, CCO
Martijn is with Meddex since 2009 and he is the company’s first employee. Under his commercial leadership the current customer base of 20, reflecting 25% market share was built and Meddex became well known in the health market. Martijn is a computer scientist and has an extensive background in the healthcare industry.


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