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Certe promotes medication safety in province of Friesland


Certe, medical lab and provider of integrated medical diagnostics for primary and secondary healthcare in the Northern Netherlands, now also makes laboratory results for pharmacists available in the province of Friesland. In addition to saving time for both pharmacists and general practitioners, this is an important step towards better medication safety for patients in the Northern Netherlands. In 2015, Certe also made the laboratory results available to all pharmacists in the province of Groningen and Drenthe. Meddex connected Certe to the Meddex platform based on IHE-XDS standards, with which the laboratory results for pharmacists are available.

Medication safety
Via the XDS platform, the pharmacist can instantly view the laboratory results of patients. The pharmacist no longer has to call the general practitioner to find the laboratory results. Pharmacists need access to the results to be able to prescribe safe and well-founded medication to patients and to prevent adverse drug events (ADEs).

Patient consent
Because a patient decides for which pharmacy he or she picks up medication, there is often no fixed pharmacy for the patient. The pharmacist therefore asks patient consent to use the results. If a patient gives permission, the pharmacist logs in on the portal, where an overview of the lab results is presented.


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