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Hospital Flevoziekenhuis offers new patient portal

Dutch hospital Flevoziekenhuis in Almere launched a new patient portal that allows patients to view their medical data. The portal, which went live on September 1, allows patients initially to make and modify appointments. In addition, the new portal called ‘’, shows medical data like pregnancy cards. Patients using the portal are also enabled to fill in questionnaires via the portal. The new portal is technically ready to show more medical data from the SAP EMR and other sources. In the near future the hospital will give her patients step by step access to more medical data. Meddex developed the portal for Flevoziekenhuis and retrieves medical data from different underlying sources. 

Based on IHE XDS standards
Meddex developed ‘’ using IHE XDS standards. These are globally recognized and proven industry standards that retrieve patients' medical data from existing sources (EHR’s, PACS, etc.) within and between institutions.

Martijn Bakkers, commercial director at Meddex:
"Since 2004, the Flevoziekenhuis offers its patients a personalized patient portal, where medical data can be viewed and where appointments can be made. The new portal which we developed, enables patients even better to get started with their own medical data and enhances the involvement of patients in their own cure process”.


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